The Panaah Communities

Building resilient communities that refuse to let children down

Our Mission

We are an organisation that drives learning & social equity in high-need communities

We at Panaah Communities believe that strengthening high-need communities is indispensable for any sustainable change of our society. We intervene to drive learning and social equity in communities. We run dedicated community centers which have high quality programs for children, youth and parents. On other hand we run mobilisation programs to bring key influencers responsible for better delivery and strengthen participation in learning and well-being of children.

So far, we work across four high-need communities of Pune City.

Children-  101+
Parents– 52+
Youth– 04+

Children-  112+
Parents– 61+
Youth– 08+

Children-  60+
Parents– 36+
Youth– 05+

Children-  80+
Parents– 100+
Youth– 50+

Our Stakeholders

I feel happy to be in the centre. I saw a lot of changes in myself. When I started coming to the centre, I was not being able to read at all. I had no sense of phonics and did not know letter sounds. Now I can read fluently and also started understanding what is being taught. We also learn new skills and activities. We do our Homework from school here. We can spend as much time as we want, do our work or play our games. Didi is like a friend to us. She always checks on us and comes at our home whenever we remain absent or sick for a long time.
- Kajal and Faizan

Whenever we come to the centre, we feel relieved. Whatever we don't understand at school, we get to understand here. Our Didis also help us in revising old materials as well. Apart from the study hours, we also get time to play and do different activities here, including coding and computers.
In our old tuition class, our teacher never used to explain things and hit us at the smallest of mistakes. Here we feel safe and get to feel successful. - Niruta and Jahnvi

I am improving in my school work because Didi here has helped me with the basic operations in Math and the basics of English. Now I am starting to understand what is being taught in school better.
I love the way Didi teaches here. I can easily understand. She also helps me to make my schedule. I feel loved here. - Ananya and Akanksha

I wish we had such a space in our childhood. I feel children are taught in a very kind way and are given different opportunities which otherwise would have been impossible for my kids.
- Vandana Bhadnekar, Khushi's Mother

My children come to the centre to study and teach as well. Initially I treated it just as a tuition centre, but I have seen the changes in their behaviour since they started coming. I also know about the struggles that the team faces, the community level challenges that come up. We, the parents always tell Didi that we are always behind you, no matter what comes. We will never let such a space shut down ever. It is a blessing for our slum area.
- Shaheen Didi, Sofiya and Ali's mother

Everyone has a purpose in life, a special gift to give others. And that should be given with whole heart, love and mind.
We all are hungry for meaning, for a purpose, for the feeling that our life is worth more than the sum of its parts , we have infinite ways of finding.
I want to give what I have and learn in the process. - Faeza Sayed

We make a living by what we get but we make a life with what we give.
The best way to feel motivated, energized and to feel a greater sense to purpose in life is to give help others. A simple gift to give is generosity which has the strength to impact other lives.
- Zainab Sayed

The Centre is the most beautiful part of my day.
I realised my goal while working here, before that I was not able to decide what to do in future but now I am clear. This center has became the most important part of my life and career. Before joining the Center I was very distracted in my own life. I enjoy each and every part of my working hours, I love to spend time with all the students, Mentors and Didis. It is like my little family where I found true happiness.
I found how confident I am.

- Ayesha Shaikh.

The center is the best part of my life now.
I am so proud of my self that I am working here. I love to teach my students and as I teach them new things every day,
I also learn something new from them.
Before joining the centre I was very disturbed and always used to think about the bad things that happened in the past and I started losing my confidence. Since I joined center, I became more confident and I know what I have to do for a better future and no time to think about wrong things. I am now fully busy with my studies and center, I can concentrate more on myself and I believe that it all happened after I joined the centre.

- Sofiya Shaikh

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Our Centers

Panaah Community Centre

Jawahar Sikshan Mandal, near Dulya Maruti Mandir, Raje Wadi, Ganesh Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411002

Panaah Community Centre- PMC Colony

Buddhha Vihar, Sakhi, Near Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar School,PMC colony, Sphurti Society, Wakadewadi, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411003

Panaah Community Centre- Ganj Peth

42, Lohiya Nagar Rd, Lohiya Nagar Slum Area, Lohiya Nagar, Ghorpade Peth, Ganj Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411042

Ummeed, Vadgaon Budruk Centre

Flat no 2, Pitru Samruti Building, Vadgaon Budruk - Narhe Rd, Renuka Nagar, Kirti Nagar, Vadgaon Budruk, Pune, Maharashtra 411041